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WHY – It all starts with Why. The first step of your journey is to establish why you are doing this. Release the subconscious fears in your mind and help you start to put the pieces of your journey together, almost like the jigsaw puzzle of a map.


Why you are the way you are right now – The next step is looking at the journey so far. Looking back at those habits you’ve formed in your life. Your beliefs, values and the things that push you forward. And those that have held you back. The best parts of your life so far, things you want to repeat and things you don’t.


Your vision – Creating the life you truly desire starts with imagining. Building a strong vision of what you want, all comes from the Why. From your business goals, to personal ones plus everything in between.


Writing the contract – You need to take this time to make a contract with yourself. We work together to realise what you are prepared to do or sacrifice and what you are not prepared to give up. Here we look at how to hold yourself accountable.


Fuel – Body and Soul nourishment. We work together to help you get the best from your body and mind, when they work together you will feel like an unstoppable train!


You have all the time you need – The secrets to feeling youthful and why over 40 is the beginning of an incredible new chapter!

PLUS - It's All About You! Further bespoke mentoring, just as noone person is the same, every journey is different. We add extra bespoke content to your journey based on your needs and goals. 


**The difference with my coaching is theres no set time frame. We work through the process at your pace.

There’s no one size fits all and with 2 Price options to choose from, so you can decide what’s best for you.


Short Haul - £45 per month - No monthly contract,  2 x 121 coaching sessions per month, plus private safe zone group, extra content, lives, regular zoom socials plus bonus content.   
Long Haul  - £350 one off fee for Annual Fee for 3 x 121 coaching sessions per month, plus private safe zone group, extra content, lives, regular zoom socials, VIP and bonus content PLUS Welcome Gift Package.


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