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Your ideal life....

Have you ever sat and imagined your ideal life?

I don't mean your job, or where you go on holiday, the car you drive...I mean your life.

Recently I've been part of a coaching program that has me thinking, deeply, precisely and in detail about how my dream life would look.

At first the things I thought were the usual, same old things we all do. Material things around me etc. But then I started to try and feel, really feel the emotions of having the life i desire.

Where I would be?

How it would feel?

What I would be looking at?

How things would smell, taste?

The clothes I'd be wearing.

What my dogs would be doing.

All of those things. When you do that, when you let your mind really wander and access the little things that aren't noticeable usually.....

That your brain skips over or doesn't focus on, you allow your subconscious to do it's thing.

It might actually surprise you! It certainly did me. The reason for this is our conscious mind is also really attached to habits, learned behaviours, things we are told we should want.

As little girls, we are often taught to plan our lives around putting everyone else's needs above our own. Our kids come first, our family comes first, our partners come first. Of course we should absolutely consider others and live a life that's going to enrich our community and support those we love....but remember that saying?

You can't drink from an empty cup?

You have to fill yourself up. You absolutely have to sometimes put yourself first.

What i think that means is once you know what you want from your life, you can absolutely incorporate others into that but not at the expense of your own happiness and goals.

The best gift you can give anyone is the freedom to choose what they want to do to allow them to be happy and then support them in that.

Much love x

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