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Your Bad day might be someones else's good day!

I woke up this morning feeling like deep fried shit! (No these are not the lyrics to a song or the punchline to a joke!)

But seriously we all have those days! For me it's hormones, cramps, feeling over tired and low on energy. I confess I've not been getting enough sleep. Not entirely my fault, but I need to make a conscious effort to get back to a min of 7-8 hours a night and going to bed before midnight.

Multiple dog owners will probably get the drama of the 'last wee before bed' think in your head, 'i will wait until I am tired to go to sleep and it only takes a minute to let the dogs out for their last wee'

But it doesn't! You wait til you are knackered and then it's like ten minutes of faffing about, drying paws, laying out vet beds and cuddles :-) then you've gone past being tired and are wide awake! DUH!

But anyway, back to feeling like crap! So this morning, i groaned my way out of bed and then promptly went straight back with a coffee. Feeling very grumpy and sorry for myself. Moaning 'why won't someone take my ovaries!!' Feeling like you have an over inflatable beachball packed into your lower back and stomach pressing on places it shouldn't, is not fun! And then of course the pleasure of the headache and pent up rage that comes along with that charming time of the month we women are blessed with !!!! NOT

And then I remembered a friend (actually also a business partner) who suffers with a multitude of health issues. It stopped me in my tracks as it dawned on me that i go through this maybe once or twice a month and she goes through pain and discomfort every day!

I remembered friends (sadly too many) who have gone and are going through ravaging cancer treatment, yet still faced the day with with and positivity!

Being an avid practicer of Gratitude it was certainly my overwhelming thought for the day.

Even when we feel totally rubbish, the dog throws up, the cat brings in a dismembered mouse. You have cramps, a cold (or worse), you've got a long day at work, feel anxious, teary, lonely...yes all terrible awful things, there will still ALWAYS be someone out there in a far worse position than you.

I don't mean that you should just snap yourself out of it and crack on, of course not. Just take a moment, a millisecond to TRY and focus on what you do have in your life that's good.

A positive thought about the day ahead. A feeling of hope for the future. A moment to focus on how you could start to change your situation.

If there is nothing at all that you can feel good about, even for a moment do not despair. You are not alone in that but please go and talk to someone about how you feel or get some help from a professional.

There's a difference between having a bad day and sinking so low that you can't see a way out. Much love x

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