What would you do if your main household income stopped tomorrow?

We've all seen massive changes in the world over the last few years and it's fair to say working from home has become more of the norm.

With rising costs on the upward spiral and not looking to be coming down any time soon, here are some top ways you could look at making some extra money 1. without massive investment 2. without leaving your home!

  • SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE - Online courses are said to be one of the most lucrative ways to make money while you sleep, there's even a book about it. Now you may be thinking 'I don't know enough about anything' I challenge you to rethink....There are online courses out there on all subjects from 'teaching your child to cook' to 'the beginners guide to growing your own vegetables', 'how to write your first book' to 'travel guides of the best cities in Europe' From the weird and wonderful to the basic and obvious. It's easier than you think, there are online courses, on how to create a monetised online course! So get your thinking cap on!

  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT - If you have time and a laptop, this route could be the way for you. You are the product/services so theres pretty much zero outlay, other than some word of mouth advertising to get you started and somewhere to post your availability and skill set. Again, google how to start and get inspired!

  • ONLINE STORE DROPSHIPPING -There are literally thousands of products out there that you can make your own! From teeshirt design to party balloons, eco friendly toothbrushes to toilet roll!. The suppliers print your brand/logo on their product and dropship directly to your customers. There's no need to have an inventory or ever visit the post office. I personally know people who do this with Clothing and others with Multi Vitamins! There is an initial cost involved to get print ready and some companies will even design your logos and labels for a fee. You do have to have a website generally but there are reasonable options and it's even easier if you are tech savvy or use a platform like Shopify.

  • MAKE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS - Possibly requiring the most investment of all, but making bath bombs, pottery, re purposing furniture even kids clothing can build into a decent earning potential. It requires a bit of investment sure, but if you have that creative spark and like to be hands on this could be perfect for you!

  • SOCIAL SELLING - Probably the most misunderstood of all the options but also the most lucrative if done right! It requires usually the least investment and you usually get all the tools, guidance and assistance from successful mentors! Network marketing/Social Selling has definitely had a bad rep in the past, but there are plenty of decent companies out there. You might be passionate about the environment, health and wellness, travel, even dog food! There's a business for you. Do your research, ask the right questions and many companies will just require a very low joining fee from £25 upwards to get you set up with your own website, tools and all the support you need to start earning straight away!

  • THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR - Any business that's promising massive earnings early on! Starting small, will be just that and manage your expectations. Be careful of spiraling monthly costs for web hosting or ecommerce. A few hours a week, is likely to earn you very little initially, but as you grow, so will your potential to earn more. Things that sounds too good to be true, usually are. Don't be put off if you don't get results straight away! Remember your costs are low and all you are putting in is your time, so give things a chance.

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Much Love x

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