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What would life look like, if you got past all your excuses?

How familiar are these sentences...

I can't

It's not worth trying

I will fail

I don't have time

I dont know enough

I have to wait until......

I can't afford it

Imagine for one moment that you overcame those obstacles and you were able to do the things that seem so impossible to you right now. How would your life look?

How would you feel? How would the people around you feel? How would they look at you, talk to you?

The truth is, most of the things that we don't do, are because we have decided not to do them.

When the Wright Brothers started to build the first aeroplane, they were not the first to have tried. In fact another man, far better funded, with support from the Government, Press and the Public was trying to do the very same thing at the same time.

The difference was .....mindset.

On Paper the Wright Bros should not have been the first. They were less educated, had less support, were less knowledgeable and had hardly any funding.

But they had relentlessness and passion. They simply kept trying to find a way.

Noone had done what they did before them. So they had no reason at all to think they could....but they did!

They set out without knowing how, they just had the vision and that was enough.

So what is your vision?

It could be any number of things and it's a great place to start. The next step is not the most important part. The next step is simply taking action.

I was listening to an extremely successful businessman speak yesterday and he said, that to build his business all he did was "one thing every day that moved his business forward"

Not a full time commitment, not a life changing investment, massive knowledge or qualification. Just one thing every day to move forward.

So see that vision and don't worry about how long it's going to take, just take a step towards it every day and that is enough.

Much love x

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