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What sort of world do you want to live in?

Without meaning to be political or controversial, what sort of a world are we living in?

Today I saw News and Social media talking about the Ethanol now being added to our fuel. I saw the distrust so many have in our governments and I saw a group of wealthy men, in Maseratis and Range Rovers driving to a location where they could hunt and shoot animals, just a short distance from where i live. Planning their 'games' for the start of hunting season.

Here we are in a world of Ying and Yang. Night and day.

I had a van full of pet dogs at the time, all playful happy and excited to be out for their walkies and looking at me with absolute trust.

This past week we've seen Nurses and keyworkers unable to fuel their vehicles due to mass hysteria yet the hierarchy can afford to fuel their vehicles to participate in a sport where only one side gets to decide if actually WANTS to take part.

We can say well, that's life and turn away or we can make small changes ourselves to help the planet, help animals and help each other.

This isn't me trying to say you're a bad person if you don't think and act a certain way, this is me saying why not take a moment to think about the way we act. I'm guilty too!I know it sounds cheesey but I do use as many plant based, chemical free, cruelty free products as I can.

I can't say that I do everything right though, I try and do the best I can butnainknow I could dinette.

I look to recycle as much as possible and I haven't eaten meat for some time.

I won't apologise if this subject offends, as It's something I believe in strongly.

It starts with everyone changing one thing at a time. It doesn't have to be alot, if we all did that, what sort of world would we live in?

Much love x

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