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What happened when I stopped weighing myself.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Obsessed with the scales? I think many of us have been there at some point. Me included.

Around 6 months ago I stopped regularly weighing myself. I'd never made a big deal of weight anyway, more about how I fit in my clothes and how I feel.

At the beginning of the first UK Lockdown, I decided to focus on the way I was feeling and how I felt health wise. I committed to not compare my current weight or looks to how I was previously, but just go on feelings instead.

I think we all know that weight can fluctuate massively from one day to the next. From whether or not you've been to the loo (your bladder and intestines can hold a good few kilos when full) to the time of day you weigh yourself. As a woman your period can make a huge difference and add 1 to 2 kilos. Weigh yourself at the wrong time of day or the wrong time of the month and it may leave you feeling like you've failed. Upset just because the scales show a kilo or two more than expected. I really don't buy into this 'weekly weigh in' mindset as it can often do more harm than good. Worse still being in a group that celebrates or shames those who have lost or gained is just not a healthy mindset. It just puts you in an endless cycle that does not encourage sustainable habits.

Choosing to go on how you feel, energy levels, gut health and even including a mood diary are definitely the way to go.

So I weighed myself around 4 months ago for a life insurance questionnaire and last week I had a Nurses appt and they needed my weight for that. I had no expectations for my weight. At my heaviest i've been around 73 to 75 kilos and my lightest around 60. So in my head I figured, if I was between 65 and 70 that would be great. I was bang on 65.

The things is all i've been doing is following my Feel Good Plan around 80% of the time. This means 4 core principles.

  1. Eating fresh, non processed foods wherever possible

  2. Drinking plenty of water

  3. Getting rest

  4. Moving more and staying active

But even more than that has been keeping a positive attitude and celebrating those little wins like drinking water instead of coffee. Doing a Ten Minute workout over doing nothing. Taking a walk over watching TV.

I'm a true believer in the compound effect and putting yourself on the Success Curve.

You may not see the results straight away of those little tiny choices but over weeks and months they do add up. Being part of a group that is celebrating those mini wins, those healthy choices without feeling preached at or controlled has been what I've been encouraging in my team of Wellness Warriors. A healthy body is a lot more than the numbers on the scales or aesthetics.

So don't focus on the results you are seeing on the scales or in the mirror. Focus on the activities you are doing, how you are feeling about yourself and celebrating those little wins every day. You will look back in a few months and see how far you've come. Drop me a comment below if you have a mini win to celebrate, I would love to hear about it and if you are just starting out on your own personal journey to feeling better, then let me know!

Much love x

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