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Two C Words!

It's all over the News COP26 and Christmas.

Pretty much unavoidable at the moment if you watch or subscribe to any sort of media. I admit it's had me troubled. Am I doing enough?

Does kerbside recycling really cut it? Composting my food waste, is that enough?

Well I don't believe in Santa anymore, but I do believe that we can all make a difference and it comes down to something that I've found is a total game changer in my life for many things, not just the C Words.

Creating better Habits and Routines! Small changes we can make every day will add up to make a difference. The choices we make on where we spend out money, who we shop with for food, cleaning products, household essentials, all those small choices add up. One consumer doesn't make a huge difference on their own, but thousands changing their habits and making more sustainable choices really does.

So in the spirit of Christmas and all things sustainable, I've gathered up my top tips for how you can do a more sustainable, eco friendly Christmas!

1. Turn off your Christmas lights when you're not in/overnight. You might already be doing this, in which case, yay you! If you're not, this will save energy (carbon) and pennies, so it really is a win-win! If you're like me and pretty useless at remembering to turn stuff off, you can get timers that you can fit to plug sockets - these are especially good for outside lights and save you trudging outside in the dark in your PJs.

2. Go green with your gift wrapping. In the UK we use 108 million rolls of wrapping paper at Christmas - enough to wrap around the equator 9 times! Can you challenge yourself to not buy any new wrapping paper this year?

- Make the effort to go up into the loft and use up those rolls that have been up there for the last 3 years..!

- If you've been getting the 'odd'(!) online delivery or two, choose the companies who provide cloth gift bags or little to no plastic as standard.

- Use old comics, newspapers, or sheet music

- Raid the charity shops for pillowcases and sheet/duvets and then make your own fabric wrapping - check out 'furoshiki' for clever ways to wrap with fabric.

3. Ditch the sellotape. Branded sellotape used to be made from cellophane and was therefore technically biodegradable, but nowadays even the genuine stuff is plastic. Having said that, Sellotape have released 'Sellotape Zero' this year which is supposed to be plastic-free and 'compostable'. I'm not sure if this means it's home compostable though, or how it will fare if it gets chucked into the paper recycling with your gift wrap.An easier and more reliable solution is to use paper tape. You can get plain brown tape which works well if you're using kraft paper or packing paper as your wrapping of choice. Or there is a wide variety of patterned alternatives.

4. Use last years cards as gift tags I know loads of people that do this already! No idea why I'd been forking out good money for gift tags, when with a swift wielding of the scissors it's super easy to 'upcycle' some old cards! And whilst we're here... Save this years cards for next years gift tags...

If you haven't got any of last years cards stashed away to use as gift tags this year, just remember to put this years cards away somewhere safe so you can feel smug next year.

5. Recycle well. When it comes to recycling your Christmas, the most important thing to do is to check with your local authority what they will accept and what they won't - just head over to your local council's website and you should find the info you need. If it's not clear, drop them an e-mail or a message on social media.

- Some local authorities won't accept any wrapping paper, as much of it is of too poor quality to be able to recycle. Brown kraft paper is ok, even if it has paint or decorations on it, as long as there's no glitter!

- Make sure you remove any tape (paper tape is ok) or ribbons/bows etc.

- Wrapping paper with glitter on it, or paper that is metallic/plastic-y can't be recycled and has to go in your landfill bin.

- The same applies to cards - if they have glitter on, they can't be recycled. Some supermarkets have collection points in the New Year which raise funds for the Woodland Trust, but again, no glitter!

- Foil from Christmas chocs has to be collected up into a ball about the size of a tennis ball for it to have a chance of being detected on the recycling line.

- When it comes to your tree, if you have a real one without roots, again check with your local authority - many will collect them on specific days to mulch them.

IF IN DOUBT, SCRUNCH! If you're not sure, scrunch your paper into a ball, if its got no glitter on it and stays scrunched, it can usually be recycled, if it unfurls its a No Go.

Hope this helps you with some Planet Friendly ideas!

Don't forget to Check out the Arbonne Festive range - HERE

*Most gifts come in cloth bags, with gift tags already on there, which double as the ingredient list/description.

*All our bottles are PCR Plastic, there's minimum wrapping and gifts come packed with receycled paper,

*PLUS plastic bottles and caps, can be returned to ME or direct to ArbonneCycle.

Feel Free to Share if this has been helpful!

Much Love!

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