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Tell your story it could be a lifeline to someone.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Who cares, who reads these blogs? Who cares what I think? Who cares what i say? Who wants to know the inner ramblings of a 46 year old woman?

Some days I can barely make sense of the 5 zillion words and images my brain throws at me, sometimes I can barely decide what to wear and when to feed myself?

Who listens to me? Who gives a fuck what I think, what I say and what I do?

How many of you can relate to those words??

If you are a coach, a teacher, an influencer, a brand ambassador, a business owner, a friend, sister, brother.....(ok you see where I am going with this).......We ALL DOUBT ourselves, sometimes.

Do you ever feel fake? An Imposter in your own life? Not successful enough, clever enough, young enough, pretty enough, fit enough, slim enough?

We humans are fucked up most of the time. Let's be real here for a moment.

I used to think I was so confident in myself, my abilities, fearless and relentless in what I wanted.

Then I'd catch myself saying shizz like.....Who listens to me anyway?

I'm not good enough at what I do to give anyone coaching or advice? It's subtle, that self doubt. It catches you out sometimes, so discreet you barely hear it whisper in your ear.....

Right now, I honestly think we are facing some of the hardest times in modern memory for mental health. I know this because it is what I hear from my friends, followers and people I interact with day to day.

Relationships are breaking down. People are skint. Losing jobs, Questioning their career choices. Feeling Lost. Having no voice. Scared and most of all.......LONELY.

Loneliness is a killer. Loneliness hides behind the masks of social media like a silent murderer. It kills us slowly. Eating away at us bit by bit. So many people, even those surrounded by others are lonely. Even some of the most outgoing, seemingly have it all people are dying slowly from this lurking despair.

Life looks so fucking perfect to many, that you feel like you're choking when you want to speak out about what's happening in your own life. The fear that people don't actually care or give two shits about you creeps up.

Reality check ------ some people don't give 2 shits about you. But some do, many do. I do....

If you are reading this and you are lonely, choked by fear and doubt, tell someone. Tell me!! I'm not a Therapist, but I'm a human who cares about the wellbeing of other humans. (And dogs,,,,,also definitely dogs lol)

So why this subject today?? Because today all the doubt and indecision of that first paragraph was blown out the water.

By One Single Message.

Someone I barely know, messaged me to thank me for helping them get out of a dark place. We've spoken on IG a few times and we follow each other. But little did I know the impact a little daily positivity would have on one person. Seeing my journey and adding a little gratitude into her daily routine, some affirmations, vowing to not compare herself to others, has helped her take those first steps away from loneliness and the despair of a routine that leaves her feeling dead inside.

So next time the evil fairy on my shoulder starts whispering about how pointless and crap I am. That bitch is getting smacked away and I will remember that I can make a difference, I might be that one lifeline someone needs. That's good enough for me, to feel good enough for you.

Much love x

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