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My First Official Website Blog!

What on earth should I write! Something momentous and engaging?

Well i'm not yet entirely comfortable with my self titled blogger intentions. The most obvious answer for me is to blog about my daily IG and FB Lives!

The reason i've started doing daily lives is because I have a few businesses and one is a Networking marketing business. Now whether or not you believe that is the devils work is a subject for another day!

But the simple truth is that on my epic adventure of self discovery and connecting with the big wide world out there..........people say "engaging with social media via DAILY LIVES is the only way to go if you are serious about building a business via networking and connecting with people" (other network marketers take note)

Now i could wang on about myself and me me me OR I can try and give my followers something they might find useful And that good people, is my aim.

I have walked this fine planet for a total of 46 years and during that time i've read a fair few books, spoken to a LOT of people and visited a few places. So stands to reason i've got a few stories to tell and hopefully share some helpful things i've learned and discovered along the way!

My Story

Weirdly, I never used to like dogs!

A few times as a child I was jumped on, scratched, bitten and generally terrorised by all sorts of dogs from poodles (my nan's) to Labradors (my neighbours)

I wasn't keen.

(Yes thats me in Austria)

But after meeting and marrying a dog lover and then moving abroad, we began volunteering to walk dogs at a local rescue home. That was when I started to warm to them. It wasn't that I didn't WANT to like them, i'd just never really met one I liked. (sorry to say I'm the same way about children, although that's not really changed !!! Ha ha) We owned our first Sled Dog whilst abroad and that really started the first steps to the "addiction" I have now.......being a multiple husky owner!

To cut a very long story short, I ended up returning to the UK, setting up a Dog Walking and Training Business, being owned by a Husky (who incidentally are like jaffa cakes, you can't just have one!) and fast forward 12 years now have a total of 9 and regularly train and race them all over the UK and Europe (when it's possible of course!)

Which brings me neatly onto why I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur and haven't been 'employed' by anyone since the early 00's.

Flexibility and being in charge of my own day and destiny.

I want the flexibility to go off for a few days without the restrictions of being physically present to work and also to set my own hours, so they are convenient for me.

PLUS and this is the crucial bit, if I'm out of work i want it to be my fault, due to my own lack of effort. If I'm skint I want it to be because I made the choice not to go out there and earn it. Simple. I do not want to have a nameless, faceless CEO or Boss telling me one day my job is no longer viable!

In the words of the great Sarah Connor (of terminator fame of course)

There is no fate but what we make for ourselves

Fist bump for Sarah!

So I still have the Dog Walking Business although I'm more back office and in charge of the admin, scheduling etc. A dog supplements business plus a Social Marketing Business based around vegan, Cruelty free Health and Wellness products.

I'm definitely Multi Passionate and all of my businesses allow me to pursue different passions whether they be around Dogs, Living well, Skincare, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Speaking, Training or Coaching. If i had to describe them all under one banner it would be Purposely Positive Human and Canine Health and Wellness.

Now there's a mouthful for you!

So look out for the blogs to follow, as they will be loosely based on all the above...'somehow' and hopefully dishing out some useful info now and again!

Much Love


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