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Starting again isn't starting over

Have you ever felt like that? Like you are starting something again from scratch?

I felt like that a few weeks ago. I had allowed myself to slip! Come on, you've done it too? Well i bet many of you have.There's absolutely nothing wrong with that if you are happy where you are! But sometimes you aren't happy where you are. For me, i'm not happy carrying a little extra weight, feeling puffy, heavy and over tired. Plus not being able to run up hills like I used to be able to.

I kept thinking how hard it would be to get back to where i was before and almost talked myself out of trying time and time again and then i realised, we are never really back where we started. Not if we are going back where we've been. We have learned things, patterns of behaviour that are there, although maybe dormant. So much that we recall means that it's never really starting over.

We are just starting again. Even more thought provoking for me was why not see it as just changing levels.

Like right now in my fitness, I'm currently on a Level 2!

Level 1 being doing nothing at all actively, eating and drinking without any thought and not moving my body. So I'm not there!

Level 2 being, remaining thoughtful and keeping to MOST of my core habits, (active, 80/20 nutrition and a little drinkie now and again!)

Level 3 being, regular gym/home workouts, sensible nutrition that fuels my body and being pretty much 100% on it!

Then theres DEFCON Level 4 lol - that was the photos below. Carefully planned meals and macros, 5 workouts a week, cardio that made my head spin, one million litres of water a day, STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL or CHOCOLATE !

Honestly i was happy with my body in all the photos (although I did admire my own Ab Area on occasion not gonna lie lol) But for me now at 46, it's about balance so I'm gonna up it to Level 3 for a bit and aim for somewhere in the middle!

Who else is ready to start again, rather than starting over? Let me know in a comment!

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