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My dogs have it sussed.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Living in the moment. Eating, drinking, sleeping, toileting 🤣Happy to just be. Not worried about tomorrow.

Why the hell have we humans complicated this thing called life so much?

We crave attention, look for faults, lack trust, always want more, see the worst in others and don't always trust our instincts.

In reality, if we are able to just live in the moment too, detach ourselves from the outcome and not confuse our need for attention with love and connection, we would probably cope way better!

But it's hard, there's all that programming....hard wiring to navigate.

Every prior relationship that has damaged us, every breach of trust. Every time we trust the words of others over our gut instincts, we allow ourselves to become less than we are.

I've never consciously thought for one second that I have a bad life, that I am not worthy of love or that I find it hard to trust others.

The truth is, it's all underneath. It's hard wired, hidden and sometimes it's become such a habit we barely notice it.

I'm not waiting for the new year to be more 'dog'. I'm starting today, right now. I'm going to make it easy for myself. Take care of my own basic needs and desires.

Eat, drink, be well, stop overthinking and just be happy in the moment. Maybe it will be better, maybe not. But it's worth a bloody try.

Maybe you can understand where I'm coming from, maybe you can't?

If you can, then I want you to know that one day, you probably will be someones priority again. Someone's person, their rock, their pack, the first person they think of in the morning and the last one they think of at night.

And If you aren't, it's OK. You'll still be alive and kicking. When you have you by your side, you have everyone you need. Begin to rely on yourself, trust yourself. You won't ever let yourself down. Be true to you and you're all you ever need.

Much love.

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