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Most people won't participate in their own rescue

It's harsh but fair. But i see this way too much every, single day to ignore this and not mention it.

Do you moan about your life? Partner, job, Boss, body, lack of money, house that's too small, old banger of a car, lack of opportunity? Every day social media is packed full of people tired of the way things are in their life. It's incredible and somewhat sad to see how many of us are dissatisfied with what we have and want to have something different.

Sadly wanting something different to materialise and being prepared to work and sacrifice for it are two very different things.

Why do we find it totally normal, usual and acceptable in society to go to college or Uni, with no guarantee of anything at all at the end of that 2, 3 or 4 years of study? There's no job guaranteed, you've sometimes had to pay £1000's pay for all your training and education for years and what you have afterwards is often debt and the hope that you will get a job that pays you enough to pay off your debts and fulfil you.

How about if I offered you the skills training to have your own business and guided you through all the all the ups and downs, showed you how to improve your skills and learn as you go all YOU have to do is commit and show up every day? You'd be able to help people and learn skills that will help you in many areas of your life for just a fraction of the time you would spend studying every day? Is that a bad thing?

I'd imagine most people would say no.

What about if you also had the chance to earn some extra along the way? Crazy right?

Imagine a business degree that did that! Gave you the chance to earn as you learn?

That my friends, is what my Online business has done for me and literally thousands of others. Now not everyone is cut out to go to College, Uni or have their own business, but some of you reading this are.

For many of us our sub conscious has programmed us to believe we will fail, which is why we often self sabotage our success and will tell ourselves, such an opportunity is doomed to failure.

Have you ever wondered why so many lottery winners end up broke again? Or why that friend you have, who is always moaning about their Boss, but stays in their are programmed to stay comfortable and fear keeps you there.

If you imagine a life where you do nothing other than what you are doing, you will do nothing different.

If you imagine a life where you get to achieve and live your dreams you are 82% more likely to achieve those dreams. That's crazy right?

No, it's the science of your sub conscious mind, telling you its easier, safer, less risky to do nothing and just drown in what are used to rather than take the chance and get out of your comfort zone.

I'm not trying to tell you what you should do, sell you anything or suggest that the life you have now isn't good enough. Life is a gift and we should be grateful every day for it, focus on what we have and not what we don't....BUT it doesn't mean we shouldn't try for those big hairy goals and dreams and not allow fear to doom us to failure before we take that first step.

Much Love x

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