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It's easy to judge but it doesn't mean you should.

I believe strongly that 'The Current C WORD situation '

(**i can't write the word as i noticed my Post gets flagged and blocked from Social Media) has exacerbated those people who are already judgemental, holier than thou, clearly perfect people, who seem to be judge and jury to everyone they twitch their curtains at.

I don't often get on my soap box, as I truly believe that everyone has a right to live in a way that makes them happy - unless they are immediately hurting someone or something physically or mentally, or putting themselves in danger. I also accept fully this is my own personal opinion and not everyone will agree with me, but I'm also willing to bet a lot of people will.

Here I am, in stark contrast to what I have said above, saying Live and let Live yet venting my own opinion. So, if you are a Judge Judy then I suggest you don't read on as you are just as likely to disagree with me as strongly as I disagree with the way you act. Plus....this has been written with absolute sarcasm, so remember to not take it tooooo seriously.!

For starters, does anyone else find it gets a bit boring to hear Judge Judy on social media or Doris up the road, berating someone for rule breaking during one of the previous or current seemingly unending lockdowns?

Before you condemn another person......think;

You likely don't know the full story. It's doubtful people will spill out all the reasons to you as your opinion is likely to mean very little to them. Doris from next door being visited by someone once a week, could have a completely feasible explanation and quite honestly it's none of your fucking business anyway! Unless you are in Law Enforcement, an elected official, you are basically just being a nosey person or worse (if you act on your assumptions) - an ill informed grass and Nobody likes a Grass!

Are you perfect? Can you hand on heart day since the first lockdown you haven't bent or fuzzed the rules even just a little to go about your life even whilst wearing a mask, whilst keeping 2 m away from everyone? Well fair play if you have...but it's fucking doubtful my friend. And spouting verbatim ' STAY HOME AND PROTECT THE NHS' when you're drinking more booze than Gazza at the weekends or queuing for McDonalds to fill up on shit food, might well be 'SAVING THE NHS' in the short term, but your impact on the NHS long term??

It's a bitter pill to swallow when you've lost your job and are still trying to make ends meet, going out and taking odd jobs to put food on the table when Harold and Hilda next door are furloughed and getting paid to sit and watch Netflix. I'd personally keep my mouth shut and my curtains closed. As just because you have a bit more spare time, is it best spent being judge and jury to your friends and neighbours?

Parents sending their kids to school (just a few short weeks ago....because I mean that was soooooooo different to the situation we are in now wasn't it ?! errrrr no) so they could mix with god knows who, are totally happy to judge someone else for what they deem to be irresponsible.

Getting the bus or train to go shopping and then berating someone for going for a Socially Distanced walk with a friend as part of some exercise ( in order to break them out of a mental funk) is a bit much!

Our own police forces and government haven't fully agreed upon the interpretation of the rules. So unless that's your job, poking your nose into others private business because you have a jumped up opinion of yourself and are comparing their lives to yours is ignorant at best. I have 9 dogs, no kids and see a total of 3/4 people anyway, in my normal daily life pre lockdown. I work from home mostly, apart from dog walking, delivery and collection for my online businesses now and then. I'm generally healthy, active, fit and don't drink much or smoke. It's unreasonable to compare my essential reasons for travel, when I also have an elderly mother who needs help now and then with medication or shopping to someone who is working full time still and perhaps mixing with way more people than me.

I see older people unmasked all the time, the ones we are supposed to be protecting.

I know more than one person who loves to be a Judge Judy then, goes to work and mixes with people or chats with their mates, touches the same machinery at work, handles money or paperwork. That's ok though, because they still have the right to judge others of course....

I hear people having a pop at others for taking walks or going out for reasons they don't see as essential, when they are getting smashed out of their brains every night and buying fags or vaping, then popping to Dominoes to 'cheer the kids up'

Myself and quite a few of my Dorset Neighbours have combined visits for business or other essential travel with visits within our County or local spots that are safer for dog walking or exercise. Especially for me with 9 Huskies, there are limitations on where I can go.....I even have one neighbour with an old dog who is still driving the 25 minutes to her favourite walking spot, because it's quiet and safer for her to walk there with her little dog, than a busy town park or on the B road that we live on.....

And just a couple of facts for all of the have a go heros who think it's wrong to drive anywhere.....

  1. FACT some people don't have a supermarket/Drs etc within a few minutes of their home.

  2. FACT an estimated 52 percent of car accidents occur within 5 miles of a person's home, and 77 percent occur within 15 miles or less. So I'm hoping I don't need to spell it out for you ( even our government should have a little think about that Insurance Claim statistic. )

So remember, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. If you are lucky enough to live a perfect life and fit the stereotypical majority box that rules and laws have been designed for, well done you! I will buy you a medal when this shit storm is over.

Much Love and try to be kind!

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