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How long will you keep going?

If I told you there was a box full of priceless diamonds buried somewhere in your local park, how long would you keep digging? If you knew for sure, 100% no doubt that they were there, would you keep searching or give up when you got tired? Just quit when it rained or when your fingers and back started to ache.

Or maybe digging for treasure isn't your bag? Perhaps you'd dig for water? Maybe you are less bothered about finding money for yourself but the thought of being able to provide for your family or your whole town would motivate you? Everyone has that one thing that will motivate them, but it has to be a really strong reason and a really strong connection.

Have you ever been out walking and you just keep gazing at the next turn, the next hill and say to yourself, 'if i can just see what's over there, just see what's around that corner?' Before you know it you are miles away from home and it's going to take you ages to get back. But maybe you saw something amazing on that walk, something you never would have seen if you stopped way back.

I'm not going to lie. I have times in my businesses and in my life where things feel like they just get too hard. I feel like I'm doing the work, I'm putting in all the effort but nothing is moving forward. It's just not happening. Money, Cars, Holidays aren't always enough of a motivation. This is when you need a clear vision and keep going until.......attitude.

It would be so easy at those times to say Fuck This and go do something else. To work an hour and get paid an hour. To put my time and energy into someone else's dream, someone else's holiday fund or family fortune. Let's be honest for a moment, that's what a vast majority of people do.

I'm sure most business owners will relate to those times. Those are the times when the cream rises to the top. When the tough keep going and don't quit.

What makes these times even harder is when everyone around you doesn't see the point in what you might be doing. Maybe you've been trying to get fit and lose weight. You go everyday for a walk, eat healthy and others around you are saying what's the point, miss a day, have a drink, have a slice of cake, but NO you want to keep going.

I really believe that there are those of us in the world who will rally against that negativity and even when everyone else is saying we should stop, stay where it's easy and safe. Stay sat on the sofa, don't climb that mountain, take that risk or do that workout. We want to move forward, we want to show them they are wrong and actually that negativity fuels our inner fire.

Then there are those in the world that are basically a fire blanket. They can't imagine getting out of the 'safe zone' and doing something a bit risky, scary, that takes commitment, perseverance....and I also believe that they will NEVER find the buried treasure. They may even try and stifle those who have that burning fire to do more and be more.

I would rather live a life with a little risk of failure, where I risk making a fool of myself. Than blend in with the masses and live with regret of all the things I didn't do. I'm not saying either way is right or wrong, but you always have a choice.

So which category are you in? Are you a treasure seeker or would you rather sit on the sidelines.

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