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Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

It's been a crazy few weeks for me, lot's of big changes which I will talk about another time but first I want to talk about being right vs being happy.

This was something I heard mentioned by Ray Higdon when he was talking about reconciling with his father.

Weirdly, it's something that has been coming up quite a bit in conversations lately with my friends and within my team.

It could be in a relationship, at work, within a sports team, friendship group, school wherever but how many times do we either disagree with someone, fall out or avoid a person because we feel that they have wronged us in some way.

It happens ALL THE TIME. And you know are probably right! They have pissed you off, made a mistake, done something unforgivable, you may not have to try hard at all to convince me or anyone else why this person has upset and offended you.

The thing is are you going to let it stop you being happy? If you have had an argument with someone at work or a friend and you feel strongly about COULD keep telling everyone who will listen how awful the situation is, how out of order they are, how they have clearly been in the wrong.

OR, you COULD decide to move on. Now I don't mean let somebody mistreat you and walk all over you, what I do mean is you don't have to let it get to you and burst your bubble. Let them sit around stewing in their own juice and be the one consumed with proving themselves right. While you stroll around head high, moving and grooving baby!

Some situations are way more serious, sometimes we have been really wounded by someone, we can't seem to control our emotions enough to get over the way we feel. It's hard! I know as i've been there more than once I can tell you.

BUT I have chosen to either make peace with the fact that I don't need to persuade them I am right or agree with them and I can carry on living my life with indifference. Either way I can choose to be happy. Choose to find things that make me want to smile and be positive rather than mull over and beat myself up about mistakes, failures and the reasons why I'm hurting.

If we allow ourselves to become embroiled in bitterness, proving someone else wrong, making a point, sulking, thinking about how upset we are, angry we are or pissed we are with someone. It's not going to get any better for you.

You will just revolve around in that same turmoil, bitterness and reliving that anger and hurt.

Why not make the conscious choice to acknowledge that pain, accept it and move on.

You may be right. You may not have done anything to cause the situation you are in but you CAN do something about how you deal with it.

You can choose to be happy over being right.

Much love x

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