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Do you find it a challenge to keep to new habits?

How many times have you tried to put new healthy habits in place but failed miserably and ended up back where you started? Or worse still beating yourself up for not doing what you said you would do?

We all do it and often the problem is that we try and take on too much at once and make huge massive changes. Of course you can make tiny changes daily and over time build them up, which is what many recommend and does work!

BUT what about those days when you are ready to take on the world and have a ton of time for that extra workout or countless networking meetings, those days are great!

Not so great are the days when everything goes wrong, you are sick, the dog throws up, you have to go into work late, forget the shopping and end up with all of about spare minutes in the day!

This was me all the time. I would aim for 4 workouts at the gym per week, drinking 3 litres of water a day and spending at least 2 hours a day on my Network Marketing Business. On a good day, that would happen and some! On a busy day or bad day that just wasn't possible. Then i would get into bed, tired and annoyed at myself for failing miserably! The knock on effect is that you end up doing less because you are doing less!

The point is life happens, so what if you could implement a system that will allow you to do something EVERY day for that win, but be flexible with it too!

Let me introduce my friends the Flexi Habits!

Here are the rules first :

  1. Maximum of 3 habits per day

  2. Never skip a day

  3. You must track your habits.

So let's say you are wanting to get healthier and workout every day. On a good day that looks like an hour at the gym, on a bad day you barely have time to run around the block!

A Flexi Habit Plan would look like this:

Mini Win - You dance to one song or play 'energetically in the garden with the kids/dogs for 3-5 ins

Plus win - You jog around the block or do a home workout for 15 minutes

Elite Wins - You go to the Gym for Min 45 Minutes/ Go for a long Bike ride

If you get to the end of the day and have been able to fit nothing in, worst case scenario you can dance to once song before Bed.....TICK IT OFF YOUR LIST and BOOM #winning

If you want 5 more top tips to create successful habits and stick to them drop me an email or use the Contact form on my Home page and I will email them out to you!

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Shout Out to The Productivity Ninja by Graham Alcott and Elastic Habits by Stephen Guise for inspiring me on how to get more organised and create some realistic habits!

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