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Change can be painful

The last few weeks I've felt out of balance.

I thought it was just the Menopause, hormones playing hardball with my emotions, but I've realised it's been my resistance towards making some massive changes and shifts in my life.

I truly believe that when we are open to it the universe shows us opportunity. But if we continuously turn away from the signs and ignore the call, it will eventually stop giving us those chances.

My discomfort has stemmed from my resistance to a path. I've been fixed on what I thought I should do, based on what others are doing and what was comfortable, easy and what I've been doing for a while.

I've felt overwhelmed, out of balance, rushed, stressed and generally out of sorts, like something was pulling at me.

The answer was not something I wanted to consider.

Over the last 18 months, I had moved one of my businesses entirely online. Which was a necessity and something that had to be done due to the pandemic and worked for a time. I was plugging away at my daily routine despite having now started a much more full on role again in my Dog Biz, which meant I was not at home for as many hours. I really was looking forward to getting out and about with the dogs more, getting to see more of my clients face to face....BUT the big kicker was, it left me less and less screen time to devote to my other businesses.

Well, only if I kept up with the methods I was using!

My shift had already made me rethink my fledgling Coaching business, as I just wasn't getting the time to devote myself to my clients and as more and more everyday responsibilities began to pile up, I began to feel that uneasy sense of falling behind and not keeping up.

The more important issue was that I wasn't enjoying my Online business as much. It wasn't fun and it wasn't fulfilling the mission I had created, nor allowing me to do what I was passionate about.

Helping people, meeting new people and getting out in the local community.

The signs were there and last month I gradually started to get out and about again to events, in person 121s, coffee dates and it felt good and it showed up in my business.

Then I met up with an old acquaintance yesterday who actually said without any prompting from me....'I've always thought of you as someone who thrives with direct connection, when you're with people face to face and your positive energy is infectious. That's your super power."

Wow...well that stopped me in my tracks. Another sign that I need to get back to what i love.

Getting out there in the big wide world and connecting with people.

So I've made a huge uturn in my Business. I'm no longer going to be relying on social media, living my life through a camera, spending hours on my phone and computer.

Don't get me wrong I will still be using my social media accounts to share my travels, dogs, organise virtual events (when they can't be done on person) share the things I love but more geared towards adding value and sharing solutions to mine and others problems.

My mission is to get to events, local gatherings, visit friends, old and new every week, speak to new people in the real world every single day, so that people get to connect with the real me and so I can make new friends and expand my circle of connection.

That's what I love to do, that's where my passion lies and that's where my business thrived before.

The beauty of what I do means each of us can do it differently. It's not always practical or possible for others to do this. Some folks want to be at home more, but I don't, I did that for a long time and it was never me.

So look out for more travel, trips, doggie Holidays and late lunches and brunches..

Wanna join me?

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