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Book Review - Sue Stone / The Power within you Now!

If you don't know where to start this is the perfect book!

I was recommended this book by a friend and at first I wasn't sure what to expect.

I was the first to judge anything I didn't understand as a bit WooWoo for me until I started my own personal growth journey. This started in earnest with these two words - being open. Being open to things I previously hadn't been, being open to things perhaps I did not understand and being open to change.

Sue has an incredible knack to simplify things that are extremely complex into easy, bite size tasks or steps if you like to move you forward. You don't feel overwhelmed or confused and because she wraps all of the things she has learned into stories and anecdotes it becomes an easy thing to digest and put into action.

And that's the key with each of the books I'm reviewing - ACTION! It's all well and good reading a book and saying, great I've read that. You actually have to use the things you've learned to make a difference and make a change.

So, let's get to it.

This book is perfect if - you're feeling a little bit lost. At the time I picked up this book, I wasn't feeling at all like that TBH. But the universe sent me this book for a reason, because soon after reading it, my marriage began to unravel and I found myself looking at life with very different goals and not being entirely sure where i wanted to turn. Being able to use techniques to help me find focus and science led research and evidence it was enough to provide me grounding on where to go next. Whether you are someone who wants to make a change or someone who is being forced to make a change, this is a great book to use almost as a map to navigate the tricky waters of life!

What did I learn from this - that science and woowoo are actually leading us down the same path. This is not meant to be disrespectful, as it's just a term I like to use (with humour) when talking about anything slightly spiritual or that I consider tricky to explain. I use the Mum test, If I would find something a challenge to explain it to my Mum, then I either don't know enough about it or I'm confused and again, don't know enough to give a rational explanation.

I learned that what we think about we bring about. I learned that so in life is actually based on a decision. We may not decide what happens to us but we can decide how to react to it.

As I write this something that some people would find pretty annoying has happened to me. I was invited to a Gig tonight by a good friend, but I'd made a commitment to another friend already to go on a Zoom call with them and their team. So i passed on the gig, which I would have loved to go to if i'm honest!

Now my presence onon Zoom went technically tits up, due to running late, which happens, so it's a rain check.

The old me, would have been really annoyed, upset, maybe had a bit of a moan about it and complained how unfair it all was blah blah. The present day me, just shrugs and says hey ho, that's life. It was out of my control and it's not going to benefit me to get stressed or upset and get on the hamster wheel of discontent. SO instead, I will write this blog, have a glass of Vino and stick it behind me. Maybe you believe the universe intended me to write this blog now or maybe you think I should have have a moan. What I think is, what is the lesson here? Once you've figured that out and realised that other people and their problems and way they do things is out of your control and generally that everyone is doing their best. Life gets a little easier and less stressful.

Top Takeaways - I just love the Blast Off Tips at the end of chapters, Giving you quick and easy to implement methods to use the info you've absorbed.

Tools - a Toolkit of top techniques from breathing to visualisation and gratitude exercises, all with structure and plenty of guidance. Abundance, I love the way Sue encourages focusing on what you have and not what you don't have to create abundance. Doing what you can to improve the situation and then moving onto more positive results without staying in a negative space for too long. Breathing techniques and how to use your breath to combat stress, change your mood and become less anxious.

You can go to for a copy of her latest books as well as the Power within you now ! There are also videos, links a blog and much more.

Hope you enjoyed this review if you have any books you love or would like me to share, please let me know x

Much love and remember change starts with just one thing, try picking up a book or listening to an audio for just a few minutes a day!

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