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Are you waiting for things to change to be happy?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

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I'm just waiting for the right time, you know when I get that new job/after the holidays/paid off my debts/lose some weight/life to get easier/kids going back to school/moving house etc etc

I speak to so many people who are waiting for outside factors to influence their happiness. The truth is only YOU can do that.

I knew a person who was always moving house, then county, then country but still they felt dissatisfied with their home and their life. I asked them if maybe it was themselves they were dissatisfied with? As they were the only constant in a life that wasn't fulfilling them. And that was the stark reality. They were unhappy within and no house move, new job or sunny climate was going to change that.

Currently I'm participating in a 21 days of Abundance meditation challenge, which demonstrates this perfectly. We have to look around us and see what we truly have to be grateful for and stop waiting for things we THINK will make us happy.

Ok, I'm lucky. I've had a blessed life. Parents who loved me, a family who cared, friends, loved ones......or have I? Because noones life is without tragedy. But what happens if you don't ever focus on that? Don't blame it for those things you lack in life? I still believe I've been blessed, i will still be positive (mostly) about the things I have.

I'm not waiting for someone to make me FEEL differently about my life to make me happier.

I never waited for a new love interest to feel love. Because I learned to fall in love with myself every day. Not in a conceited way, but a way in which I felt LOVE for what I have, what I can give and who I can become.

I beg you don't wait for another man, woman, child, job or possession to make you happy. Be Happy every day and appreciate those things you have rather than focus on the things you lack.

Tell a new story of your life, one that tells of the things you appreciate. The times you felt the friendship of a school friend or the love of a partner, the loyalty of a pet, the fun of a holiday.....

Why does happiness need to be a perpetual the same way that we relive the unpleasant things in life and tell that story over and over we can revisit the happiness and abundance in life and live that over and over too.

I used to fear death, fear my own mortality now I see it as a way in which to wake up every day and celebrate that I did indeed wake up for another day.

Imagine living every day like it really was your last, like you were smelling coffee for the last time and taking a walk on the beach for a final time.

Go be happy NOW, don't wait for permission from someone else or for the right time.

Much love x

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