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Are you trying to sell me something?

This is a question we've probably all heard or said ourselves a few times! In fact the other I messaged a Facebook friend who I know has a business that is not firing on all cylinders atm, (due to the current restrictions we are under here in the UK) I thought perhaps I could help her either with some networking to promote her business or tell her a bit more about what I do, being that it's completely online, flexible and could fit in nicely around what she does already.....

She did reply, firstly offering me her link on how to book her services followed by 'I'm not interested if you're trying to sell me something'

The irony in that statement actually made me properly LOL! She tried to sell me and then was aghast that I was asking her, if she was open to checking out my business.

The truth is, we are all selling everyday and in the words of Grant Cardone 'Sell or be sold'

Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission - Grant Cardone

Whether it’s selling your company’s product or selling yourself on eating healthy, everything in life can—and should—be treated as a sale. Parents will either sell their kids the idea of eating their veggies or the kids will sell them on why they shouldn't and that ice cream is a better option!

A girlfriend might try and sell her fella on the idea why he needs to go and work outside in the garden for a few hours vs he wants to sell his GF on why his day would be better spent on the PS5!

You see what I'm saying/selling? We all sell ideas all the time! From Religion to Love, Politics to going to the Supermarket, everything is selling an idea, everything is a transaction, it just doesn't necessarily involved money.

Love and relationships....probably the biggest sell of all. You want to be with someone and you both get sold on that idea, or sadly maybe only one of you does and the other one is still shopping around for a while.......

When we think of sales, its very natural to have an image of a Salesman in a tacky suit or to think of cheesy social media, radio or TV adverts but in reality Selling is Everything, everywhere all the time.

If you are still of the attitude that some people are just out for a sale, you might be right in some cases but think of the times when you want something and go seek it out? You are acting as the buyer in a transaction. Or when you don't actually know you want something but someone else sees your need and wants to help you? They still might be selling something, but is that always a bad thing?

No it absolutely isn't. So now add another dimension to this. Whether you have a business like me, or you just like people and like having lots of friends. Having a decent network in life is the perfect pairing to whatever you are selling. I read a book a couple of years ago (Think it may have been in GoPro/Eric Worre) about an old contact of his, who's father told him (back in the years before phones/internet) to find a reason to keep in touch with everyone you meet, connect with people and find a creative, mutually helpful reason to stay in touch with them now and again. The guy in question lived his life adding people to his contacts book every single day, not only did he become a very wealthy man, but he also helped a lot of people by connecting them with others and providing solutions.

My friends, when you connect Sales with Networking you have a super power that can be used in a positive or a negative way and that's down to the individual and the sort of person they are. But i would ask that you don't judge every person who is trying to sell you on an idea or a concept, the same as a cheesy sales person just out for a quick £. It's simply not the case. Don't be so cocky and snobby to think that someone is always trying to sell you something and you are above that, they may be trying to help you. You not listening to them at all, is you selling them on the idea that you aren't worth their time, or friendship.

Much Love xx

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