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Are you judging others?

So you'd think in the year 2020 with all that's going on in the world that judging others should be a thing of the past right? Well i thought so too, but being as I spend quite a bit of time running my businesses on social media, i see things..........

I also shocked myself the other day, realising that I was still guilty of this myself. I was chatting with a friend about her relationship with her partner and she was telling me something funny and quirky about them as a couple and I laughed saying, "you guys are so weird"

It was innocent comment that we both laughed about but later on I was on IG and a Trans person I follow had been getting some really derogatory comments on their post, one of which said "you are just weird" (and worse!)

I realised that actually that was no different to what I had commented to my friend. What right do I have to judge someone else's behaviour as weird or different!

We all have our habits, likes dislike, sexual preferences and things we consider normal in our lives. Many things become our normal because they stem from our thoughts and actions that we repeat over time. Much may come from our childhood, what we see every day in our communities, friendships, relationships etc.

Imagine a tribe where it's normal to walk around naked, they would think us weird wearing clothes, because being naked is their normal. The reality is I think that we are all a mixture of our own wonderful type of weird, wonderful and normal and we find others in our lives that get us based on that common weirdness that we can relate to, we feel like we fit in.

Personally I feel like a bit of a chameleon, as I'm quite intrigued by the weirdness of the world and the people within it. Perhaps that stems from my largely liberal upbringing. Even when I am quite habitual about something and find myself in a particular pattern of behaviour i also find it easy to break out into something different without mourning the loss of the past for too long.

What I mean by that is when you suffer a loss, a pet, loved one, job, relationship - that grief you feel is also heavily influenced by routine and habit. The 'habit' of waking up to the routine of walking a beloved pet, or seeing a loved one every day is very powerful and when that is suddenly taken from us with no warning it can be almost impossible for many to cope.

I'm very grateful that much of the self development I've been doing over the past year has allowed me to develop that acceptance of change, that nothing is guaranteed and also that there's nothing wrong with being my own kind of weird.

So let's not judge other people by our standards of normal, as it's pretty much a guarantee that they are no less normal or more weird than you or I.

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