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Are you backing away from what intimidates you?

I genuinely thought I never did this....I didn't think I was scared of any situation or intimidated by anyone.

But one day, just a few years ago, I realised I was backing off from any situation I wasn't getting valued in.

In friendships, if my friends didn't seem to value me or give me much of their time, include me in things or message me, I'd back away from them and close myself off.

It was easier to do that than admit that I wasn't including them in my life, when I should have.

How can you be mad at someone for not messaging you, inviting you to things, including you or being open and honest, when you aren't either?

I know a few people in my life that do this...even now, because I recognise in them, how I was.

I'm still like it sometimes now but usually catch myself and get to correct it.

But here's a warning sign, if you are sat there moaning and blaming people around you for not involving you in things, it's POSSIBLY because you are closed off. If you find yourself resenting people for their friendships and relationships with others and that noone is calling or messaging you, ask are you putting yourself out there?

Relationships of any kind are always a two way street. Of course you don't always want to be doing all the work, but if you do nothing you can expect nothing back.

Do something, ask someone who looks like they are OK of they actually are.

Call a friend for a chat.

Reach out to someone and make a connection...

Or sit there alone.

The choice is yours.

Much love x

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