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Are you attracted to Drama?

I've been humming this song alllll day 'No More Drama' by Mary J Blige.

Awesome song which i've loved for years, it's been on my playlist pretty much since it was released a long time ago!

It stuck in my head and basically inspired me to write this blog.

Why? Because we all know that person who is addicted to the drama? Let's just hope to christ it's not us that other people say that about! Am I Right?

The truth is some people cannot seem to even want to, let alone actually manage to live in balance with those around them. They love to be the one telling you about the dramas and upsets they are going through. Some couples actually base a whole relationship around this. It's almost like the drama holds things together. Not to say that this doesn't happen probably at some point in every friendship/relationship but repeating that cycle over and over so it becomes the norm, is not good for anyone!

It's the same as the thrill of the chase. Have you ever wanted a Job or Promotion so badly it's all you can think about and then when you have it you are decidedly underwhelmed? I know I have.

Ever wanted a night out sooooooo badly and then you go and all you can think about is coming home.

It's the age old thing of those high expectations and reality doesn't live up to the dream. It's the excitement, drama, adrenalin that's attracting you and the reality is once the curtain drops you're like.....Oh Shit. Not sure I want this now.

And then there are the stubborn folk ( of which I am one) who will stick with something just out of principle, because we are one of the 100%'rs. We don't quit. We don't fail. So drama or no drama we will keep hanging on.

Sound familiar? I have no jewel of wisdom for this. No secret mantra or Solution.

All I would say is this....Do you find yourself being more attracted to the idea of something than the way it actually feels? Or the principle of something rather than the actual belief in it.....maybe you should step back and ask yourself this question -

Are you wanting the person/thing itself, or are you wanting a particular feeling/emotion from that person/thing?

Because if that's what you want, then really that can only come from you. You can't rely 100% on what you are going to get. You can only control what you give. Give Drama, you'll get it back. Give out kindness, calmness, hope, happiness and that's what you will get back.

I did a post on social media the other day saying 'the strongest person is the one who is not afraid to be alone' and I think this is a massive part of growth and moving away from drama.

It doesn't mean you actually have to be alone, it just means you have to be ok with YOU and what YOU are putting out there to the world. Like attracts like, so it stands to reason if you are giving out the things you want to receive, that's what you'll get.

Next time you hear someone spouting lot's of negativity, complaining they are always wronged, that everyone has it in for them. No one likes them and all their problems are everyone else's fault....just stop for a moment. Is that what you think deep down too?

Are you Like Attracting Like? If not, then consider how much time you want to spend with this person, as their views may inevitably effect how you see the world around you also.

Much love x

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