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Are all your eggs in one basket?

One thing 2020 has taught me (and many of us I'd imagine) is NEVER to have all your eggs in one basket.

Both my business and personal life have changed drastically this year and I'm just so grateful to have had Plan B's for both. That may sound a bit harsh, but I will explain what I mean.

18 Months ago when I started an online business in Network Marketing based around Cruelty Free products, it was really just for extra money and the ability to work from home. I had NO IDEA whatsoever the wider impact this would have on my life and the lives of so many others. We had no idea at the time, that running a business completely online and remotely from anywhere with Wifi would be so important! But it turns out I had inadvertently prepared for impact. I had put some of those 'business eggs' in another basket and the great thing was it didn't really cost me much and I got started straight away. Having that extra money coming in from something that was taking up very little of my time (in comparison to my other businesses) was a real lifeline for me. As the business grew and I met more people that I could help, either as Clients or to start their own business, I began to see the importance of not relying on just one thing. Can you relate? Ask yourself, if something happened to you main source of household income right now, what's your plan B? How long would you have before defaulting on Rent/Mortgage?

Then of course there was the personal development. If you think Network Marketing is just a sales job, you'd be very, very wrong. Those who succeed in this business have to experience personal growth too. It really just comes with the territory.

Again, I'd prepared for impact without realising. When my marriage was over, I'd already been changing, growing and learning about myself. My strengths, my weaknesses and devouring self development books and audios like they were my favourites chocs! I had started to become a stronger, more equipped and resilient version of myself. I'd gone from someone who was pretty isolated (out of choice I might add) with a very small social circle (and my dogs of course) to someone who wasn't reliant on any one person or relationship to function. I have the best and only person I need 100% of the time, ME.

Yes of course it's hard, sad and never easy to end a relationship but if all your eggs aren't in one basket and you have other facets and meaning in your life, it means you aren't left empty, wondering 'well what the fuck am I supposed to do now'

Sadly I know many, many couples who have broken up over the last 12 months and every story and situation is different.

All I know for sure is that I am OK, I will be OK. I have all the tools I need and I have Network Marketing to thank for that.

Much love x

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