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7 Things you need to know about going Live!

I'm going to admit straight away, I'm no expert on this subject. But I do know a lot of people who are! So a quick shout out and thanks to my Mentors for helping me with this!

Going live on Social Media is probably the first thing people tell me they absolutely will not do under any circumstances when starting their own business. But it's so key to get any message out there and to connect with people, whether its just for fun or for business. IF you want to connect with people globally, online at a time like this, lives are the solution.

So top tips are....

  1. A Catchy title - I was always doing this. Just randomly going live with no indication to anyone as they scrolled past what I was talking about. So a catchy title is a must. Things like '5 Secrets Dog Trainers won't tell you' to 'Who else wants amazing skin!' just add a title and hit that little Live button!

  2. Welcome! - Whether it's a 'Welcome to my page' or 'Hi, I'm Vix, I'm 46 and you probably know me as a Husky Mum!' Just something short and sweet. Adding an intro means people know who you are, as they might not if they are just scrolling past on their newsfeed.

  3. Ask a question - Linking your intro to the rest of your live is so simple when you ask a question and then answer it! So if you were to go live about ways to improve your skin, you could say...........'How many of you would like to know some easy ways to improve the look of your skin?' or 'Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect protein pancakes?

  4. Share Valuable Info - Sounds obvious but often we hold back just putting helpful info out there as we are worried what people think, or worse if we are in business we don't want to share free info, as we want people to pay. But thats completely the wrong way round and putting helpful info out there is exactly what you should be doing as you become more visible and take on more of a position of authority. You don't have to be an expert and you definitely should quote your sources, but just go for it! Share what you love and someone else is bound to relate and find it helpful too.

  5. Ask for Feedback - Drop a comment lol, nothing wrong with asking people to respond. You can ask people to tell you what you think? Or drop in an emoji, get creative and even give a call to action if this is a business related live. 'If you've found this helpful, drop in a comment or give this a share!' OR 'If you'd like more skincare tips, drop me a DM' People like to have guidance on what the next step is, but don't confuse things by saying. 'DM, Comment, Drop an Emoji or Email me!.....go for Less is more!

  6. Keep it Short - Ideally less than 10 minutes, much longer and people tend to tune out. (Unless it's an interview or webinar style live) If you are nervous about that and worried you might ramble, make notes and tell people you've made notes! No shame in saying you are a bit nervous and didn't want to go too off topic!

  7. It's what you say and how you say it - Keep it real. Don't be scared to show the real you. Too polished can be off putting. We want reality. We want to see the quirky stuff, mistakes and your dogs messing about behind you. Te best Lives I've done have been when my dogs randomly started humping in the background or I was a sweaty mess after a workout. You aren't a newsreader. You are sharing things that are relatable to others. If after all this you are still nervous, then try practicing on Facebook and just changing your settings to Only Me That way as you hit Live on your own feed and change from Friends/Public to Only Me, only you will be able to watch it back.

So, you know what I'm going to say right? Good luck and let me know how you get on....and if you've found this helpful drop me a comment or share this Blog! Smash those lives and feel free to tag me as i would love to see what you are sharing too.

Much love x

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