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Change One Thing 


Ready for a change?

Let me ask you a question, but you must be honest about your answer.

Are you generally positive and happy with your life as it is now?

Do you feel confident in your own skin?

Do you have all the time you need to indulge your passions and what you love to do?

If the answer is YES then this Challenge is not for you

(and congratulations by the way!)

....If it's NO then READ ON

Do you realise that you don't have to commit to massive routine changes, get up at 5am everyday and do a Miracle Morning for an hour to feel more positive about your life?

(Sorry Hal Elrod!)

That happiness, positivity and creating change is not something that you need to get, attain or is dictated by someone else, it's not outside of you. You have it within you already.

Just a few years ago, I was a generally negative, unhappy, unfulfilled and definitely not confident in my own skin. I didn't have a clue what I was passionate about and I went with the wind by trying and failing at so many things. I actually convinced myself that failing was something I was really good at!

  I lived in someone else's shadow (my choice) and jumped on board with their interests. I didn't think there was any point in changing.

I'd tried the books, audios and Miracle Mornings, tried the massive routine changes with initial enthusiasm, I stuck at things for days or sometimes hours before spectacularly falling off the wagon!

The time I had for me became less, I was unorganised and just labelled myself as not very good at 'stuff' which got me off the hook.

Tell me does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're tired of putting everyone else first and having nothing left for you

  • You never seem to have enough time for what you really want to do

  • You look in the mirror and wish you looked different, you hate your body the way it is now, you feel old! 

  • You're pissed off at yourself for lacking motivation and not being able to stick to things

  • You've always wanted to work on your own terms, doing a job you love but still don't know what that is!

Listen, none of this is your fault! With the amount of pressure out there right now, on social media for women to look and act a certain way, with influencers showing off how incredible their lives makes you feel worse about where you are and you're

overwhelmed with where to start!

That's exactly why this Challenge is perfect for you! I've worked alongside many women over 40, who have been able to the those first steps to getting unstuck and start to move forward using the information you will get totally free!

You definitely could do this on your own, but why should you? You are way more likely to succeed if you have a group of positive, passionate people on your side and that's

what i want for you too! 

If you want to ........

  • Feel more confident in your own skin

  • Start feeling motivated and use that in many different areas of your life

  • Feel more positive

  • Find focus and direction

  • Start to feel happier, healthier and fall in love with you again! healthier happier !

What have you got to lose? NOTHING,

BUT, there's one condition, you MUST watch the daily short videos I will be sending to you,

you MUST commit to just a few minutes a day to Change One thing!

You MUST be prepared to be honest with yourself.


(Oh and I'd love a Testimonial from you to add below!)

IF that's a YES then Register Below and let's CHANGE ONE THING!


Women with Sparklers

P. L, Nottingham

This challenge  helped me look in the mirror and love myself again

Closeup of face of a person

A.R, Somerset

I've just enrolled in an online course to learn reiki, I never believed  in a million years I'd do that!

Senior Woman

E.B, Dorset

From zero self confidence to.....getting there! My milestone is iv'e actually started putting my video on, when on zoom meetings!

Let's Do this!

Yes, I'm ready to

change one thing!

Thanks for registering for the Challenge, Check Your inbox soon!

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